No pest too big, no pest too small. EPC can take ‘em all!

We always use top-quality products, specialized equipment, and expert methods. In short, we believe in solving our customers’ pest problems-- guaranteed. At times solving a pest problem requires regular maintenance, sometimes it requires altering the environment to keep pests out, and every so often it’s a one-time deal. No matter what it takes to resolve the issue, we have the skills, the know-how, and the determination to get it done.


With our comprehensive service plans, termites aren’t so scary anymore. EPC offers advanced termite baiting systems with guaranteed protection, as well as traditional liquid curative options, “pre-treats” for new construction, and formal Wood Destroying Insect Reports for property transactions.

Carpenter Ants

Wood-destroying insects are not limited to termites, and Carpenter ants can wreak just as much havoc on a structure. Concentrated, focused methods and products are necessary to completely eradicate the trouble, and EPC has just what you need.

Fire Ants

Have you seen large ant mounds in the yard that you just couldn’t resist the urge to knock over and then wished you hadn’t? Those are likely Fire Ants. These pesky little devils do not take kindly to disturbance and they reward you with a sting that feels like fire. We offer an annual yard service that guarantees you will not fall victim to their fury.


Recent reemergence of these pests has challenged many. EPC uses state-of-the-art products and methods to remove bedbugs from your residence or business, as well as extended protection plans to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place. Our pricing includes an initial service plus two follow-up services and a 90-day guarantee.


Included in a $265 residential package to treat a severe roach infestation is one follow-up service and a 30-day guarantee. EPC uses up-to-the-minute products and methods to eliminate roaches from your home or business, as well as recommends services & strategies to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place.

Ticks & Mosquitoes

Protecting your family and your pets against disease is priority. EPC delivers defense for yards, neighborhoods, parks, and cities. From treating yards and trees to recommending harborage modification or elimination we help you enjoy being outside well after your neighbors have run for cover.


Whether fleas are bugging you or your pet, inside or out, EPC provides flea elimination with residual control. Included in a $195 service for inside your home and in the yard is one follow-up service and a 30-day guarantee.

Yards, Bushes & Trees

EPC safeguards from all sorts of pests that plague your yard and you while you’re out in it. Tree services as low as $50 cover pests that feed on the trees (bagworms, webworms, etc.) or feed on you (mosquitoes, ticks, etc). Our $160 residential yard service covers fleas, ticks, general pests, and more and is guaranteed for 30 days or if regular service is maintained at least quarterly is guaranteed for 90 days. Combine it with an exterior or structural service and the savings really add up!

General Pests

Don’t let the word “general” fool you-- spiders, scorpions, and centipedes-- these pests can be quite terrifying! EPC gives expert advice and professional service so that these pests, as well as beetles, earwigs, occasional invaders, pantry pests, etc. don’t pester you. Our $110 residential exterior service covers all these pests and more and is guaranteed for 30 days or if regular service is maintained at least quarterly is guaranteed for 90 days.


Those teeny furry faces are kind of cute until you’re face-to-face with one in the kitchen. EPC’s rodent services begin with a thorough inspection to determine what kind of rodent is invading and from where they are gaining entrance. With a plethora of means of elimination, we can solve the problem in a manner that suits you. Maintenance and monitoring of rodent bait stations can cost as little as $110 a service.


EPC will not harm protected species of birds. However, in a case where birds are destroying property or creating an unhealthy environment, we utilize many specialized methods of deterring them. Bird work is often combined with our Exclusion and Sanitization services.


An animal isn’t a pest until it shows up unwanted, destroying your property or compromising your health and wellbeing. EPC follows the Oklahoma and Texas Departments of Wildlife Guidelines for humane wildlife trapping and relocating of creatures such as squirrels, opossums, racoons, snakes, skunks, bats, cats, and much, much more.

Furniture Removal

Occasions arise when pests cause so much damage to furniture that it cannot be saved, and improper removal only spreads the problem. EPC creates a healthier environment for you by safely removing furniture and disposing of it.


An often overlooked but extremely important part of maintaining control of pests, EPC provides exclusion services that close the gaps and holes, big and small, where pests crawl into a structure. This could mean replacing damaged sections of eaves on your home, installing pest-proof door sweeps, caulking cracks, and much, much more.


Diversity keeps things interesting here at EPC. We’ve confronted bird mites in homes, grasshoppers in fields of medical marijuana, rare-to-this-area dry wood termites in cabinets, springtails in bathtubs, and bats in belfries. Give us a challenge. We’re up for it.


EPC is honored to announce our offering of sanitization services available for businesses, restaurants, & residential customers. Peace of mind is priceless in this day and age.

Structural & Exterior

Focusing on where pests live is how we do what we do so well. A “Structural” service is inside and/or out of the structure itself—in all those cracks and crevices and openings where pests reside. An “Exterior” service creates a barrier around the perimeter of the structure to keep those outside pests from entering.


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